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Safety-TriadAt Ryan Marine Inc., we are industry leaders in safe, quality work. With a full time Occupational Safety and Health Specialist on our staff, holding an B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health/Fire Science, we take pride in safely and continuously providing our clients with optimal results, guaranteed.

With over 200 hours a year spent on employee safety training, we ensure team members follow all applicable laws and safety standards. Ryan Marine Inc., holds everyone accountable for safety, from our president to the most recently hired team member.

At Ryan Marine Inc., it is our sole purpose to provide a working environment that is safe and secure, allowing our team members to reunite with their families every night, while successfully meeting our clients' needs.


Safety Program

Our safety manual contains over 70 carefully selected chapters of safety standards, with a focus on OSHA standards, state and federal laws, company policies, personal safety, and construction job site safety.

We continually update our safety manual through programs such as ISN, PICS, and BROWZ to stay compliant with our customers. Each team member is tested on its contents and combined have accumulated over 200 training hours.

Safety Standards We Follow


Safety Specialist

The role of our Occupational Safety and Health Specialist (OSHS) is to oversee that all of Ryan Marine Inc., job sites, vehicles and equipment are immaculately maintained and meet all applicable safety standards. The OSHS provides company wide trainings and daily safety meetings to all team members. The OSHS is responsible for conveying all safety standards to each team member.

Since we work with a variety of construction clientele, we provide comprehensive, personalized safety plans for each job site. Before we start any task, our OSHS promises that only safe, knowledgeable and well trained team members will be on the job site. We will not tolerate anyone to be put in danger because of lack of safety knowledge. Our OSHS has full authority to stop not only our employees from working in an unsafe environment, but any unsafe activity from occurring.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Specialist continually enrolls and participates in educational safety coursework, including OSHA trainings.

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